Strengthening Nuclear Security Implementation

The "Strengthening Nuclear Security Implementation" initiative and its conversion into IAEA INFCIRC/869 have broken new ground in the effort to harmonize and strengthen the global nuclear security regime.  While neither document legally binds a signatory state to take action, by agreeing to the documents, there is a political commitment to implement their intent in a nation’s nuclear security legislation and regulations. However, the INFCIRC/Initiative is suffering from two significant issues... Read More

This report discusses the significance of the initiative, the importance of expanding its signatories, and the need to demonstrate its implementation. It benefits from the insights of Nuclear Security Governance Expert Group (NSGEG) members and draws upon major themes of discussion at NSGEG workshops in Vienna, Austria (2014) and Washington, D.C. (2015). 

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About the Authors

Bart Dal is working for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands and is the chairman of the IAEA Nuclear Security Guidance Committee. He previously worked for the Dutch Nuclear Inspectorate as the National Coordinator for Nuclear Security and Safeguards. He serves as special technical advisor within the Sherpa team of the Nuclear Security Summits.

Jonathan Herbach is a lecturer in public international law and a research fellow specializing in nuclear security and arms control. In preparation for the 2014 Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague, he advised the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands on issues related to the international legal framework for nuclear security

Kenneth N. Luongo is the president and founder of the Partnership for Global Security and the Center for a Secure Nuclear Future. He previously served as the Senior Advisor to the U.S. Secretary of Energy for Nonproliferation Policy and the Director of the Office of Arms Control and Nonproliferation at the U.S. Department of Energy. 


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