International Nuclear Security Peer Reviews:
Making the IAEA IPPAS Service General and Sustainable

During the past decade, the international community and the Nuclear Security Summit process have given high priority to strengthening nuclear security world-wide. International peer reviews of national nuclear security regimes and of physical protection of nuclear and other radioactive materials has been identified as of key value for continuous improvement of nuclear security. The IAEA offers a number of advisory services, peer reviews, for various purposes. The International Physical Protection Advisory Service (IPPAS) is the prevailing peer review service for nuclear security implementation, in parallel with other, more specified services. IPPAS has evolved through the past ten years into a broadly accepted service, available for all states. However, general and recurring periodic application of IPPAS will require a significant strengthening and increased capacity of the system to enable general and periodic and systematic implementation. 

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About the Authors

Anita Nilsson is the president, AN & Associates and a Senior Associate at the Partnership for Global Security. Dr. Nilsson is the former Director of the IAEA’s Office of Nuclear Security and held several positions within the Swedish government and nuclear indusrty.

John Bernhard is a Senior Associate at the Partnership for Global Security and for Danish Ambassador to the IAEA. Amb. Bernhard has served in various positions within the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, including in Ambassadorial posts in Venezuela, Spain, the Netherlands, and Austraia.

Caroline Jorant is the president, SDRI Consulting and a Senior Associate at the Partnership for Global Security. Ms. Jorant is the former Director of Non-Proliferation and International Instiutions at AREVA and held various positions within the French government and nuclear indusrty



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